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Media Box HDD Repair & Upgrade

We offer a local FreeSat Plus box, and Sky Plus box hard drive repair and upgrade service.

Has the hard drive in your FreeSat Plus, or Sky Plus box crashed, cannot be found by the box, has format issues, or is generally just broken?

Do you have to delete programs to make space for new recordings before you have had chance to watch them? If so, then you need extra storage space on your FreeSat Plus, or Sky Plus box to solve this issue.

We can replace failed hard drives with new units, and we can upgrade hard drive storage capacity by replacing the original unit with a higher capacity hard drive, in some cases we can even transfer your recordings and recording schedule over to your new hard drive, though this does largely depend on how broken it is and how recoverable the data is on the original drive.

When we fit replacement drives whether it be to replace a broken drive, or to upgrade storage capacity we always use "AV" or "surveillance" rated hard drives to ensure the highest reliability possible from the new drive, in many cases the new hard drives we fit actually have a superior specification than the factory fitted units.

If you would like more information about this service or would like us to look at your FreeSat Plus, or Sky Plus box for you please feel free to contact us.

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