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Crypto Mining Racks

Everyone has heard the term cryptocurrency being branded about, but how much do we really know about this virtual currency and where does it come from? Crypto coins are controversial as the power to make this virtual currency is given to the general public and not monitored by a central bank institution. They behave like gold nuggets – once you own Cypto coins you can use them to buy items online or just hang onto them in the hope that they will increase in value.

So, what is Cryptocurrency Mining?

Each time a transaction is performed with Cryptocurrency, an entry is added to a distributed database called the Blockchain. (The Blockchain is a public ledger that records all Crypto coin transactions)

Cryptocurrency miners are simply computers which are connected together within the Cryptocurrency network and it is the job of the miner to provide book keeping services to the Crypto coin network.  This is done by taking the information in the Blockchain and solving mathematical equations which ensure that the information in the Blockchain is correct and secure.  In return for the computing power that a Cryptocurrency miner offers they will be “paid” in Cryptocurrency ( This could be a newly mined coin).

If you were to run a rack with 6 X GTX1080 Ti GPU's onboard 24/7, that would give a return in the reigon of a £1000 per month depending on what the value of the said currency is doing.


We can custom build you any mining rack to order that you specify, we have supplied racks ranging from 2 x GPU closed case, all the way through to 18 x GPU, 3 x PSU open air stackable racks. we use only the finest quality, high durability componants rated for 24/7 mining operations.

Regardless of your requirements, we can accomodate your needs; to discuss your requirements further please feel free to contact us for more information.

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