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Arma3 Exile Servers

Scratch Built Servers to order:

If you've landed on this page, then there is a good chance you are either running an Arma3 Exile server that you would like customized, or you are thinking of setting up your own server.

Fear not, we have been running our own modded Arma servers for well over five years, these days we stick with the Arma3 Exile Mod, but in the past have run Dayz, Epoch and Overpoch servers on both Arma2 & Arma3.

If you want your own server but don't know where to start, please feel free to have a chat with us, we can set up Vanilla Arma3 Exile and Epoch servers for a very reasonable fee, we can even recommend good quality well priced game server hosting.


Custom Scripting

If you already have a server running and would like us to add custom scripts or add-ons for you, no problem, we can do that as well for a modest fee.

Our live server is heavily modded with scripts and add-ons such as Claim Server Vehicles, Custom Stats Bar, Advanced Vehicle System, Tanoa Bridges, Advanced Vehicle Repair, Vehicle Re-arm & Re-fuel, Vehicle Service Points, Build Height Limits, Sell Crates at Waste Dump, Fishing from Boats, Carry and Load Crates (R3F Logistics), Respect Tax, Vehicle Part Salvage, Persistant Tree Logging, UAV Hacking, MarXet Player Market Place, Server Info, Extra Custom Traders, and Vehicle Crafting but to name a few.


Comissioned Scripts:

If you want that something a little more special for your server to seperate it from the crowd, we can source and install paid for and commisioned scripts on your server for you.

Some of the scripts include things like Build Vectors, Enhanced Trader Interface, Custom Paint Vehicles and Base Parts, and the infiSTAR XM8 Extra Apps System.

We also offer an infiSTAR Antihack installation service providing you have already pre-purchased infiSTAR beforehand.


Add-ons & Mods

We can also add mods and add-ons to your server for you such as DMS Mission system (Static & Dynamic), DMS Occupation, Zupa's Capture Points, Bigfoot Shipwrecks, Enigma Revive, @Arma Enhanced Movement, @Advanced Rapelling, @Advanced Urban Rapelling, @Advanced Sling Loading, and many others. We even have our own mod which is freely available to use on any public server, we can also carry out custom mapping and trader projects in certain circumstances (map dependant)

Any server work we do for you is thoroughly tested on our in-house test servers before we hand the finished product over to you for use on your live server.

Why not join our server and have a look around to see just how far we can push the limits of a customized Exile server, if you like what you see and would like us to carry out some work on your server, please feel free to contact us, or join our teamspeak server at for a chat.

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