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Custom Computer Builds

Here at Tekhouse computers we offer a highly personal, professional custom computer design and building service, whatever type of computer you require, from a powerful desktop PC, to a killer gaming machine, half a dozen office computers, Crypto Mining Racks, and every other type of computer in between, we offer a build quality, service and value for money that’s second to none. We have the widest range of build options possible.

Many retailers outsource their PC building to other firms rather than build and test them in-house. This can lead to a number of complications including unstable systems, poorly matched hardware, inadequate attention to detail, careless and sloppy build quality. When you buy a custom built computer from Tekhouse Computers your computer will be built in-house by one of our own highly skilled engineers who have many years of experience at the highest levels of PC construction, you will get the exact computer you asked for.

If you're not sure what you need, you can tell us what you want to use your new computer for and we can give you a quote based on a couple of different hardware configurations which you are free to adjust for a requote to meet your computing needs, we will never over-sell, or sell you something you don't need, or alternatively you can give us an exact specification and components list and we will then source the parts from our reputable industry suppliers at the best possible prices and give you a final quote for the finished build. The final quote we give you is the price you pay with no hidden extras.

Our range of hardware options cater to every budget and the configuration possibilities are virtually endless. If you’re not sure what to choose, or what something means, you can contact us and we will explain the options in more detail.

We hand build each and every machine to customer order, and to their exact specifications in house, your computer will truly be a one of a kind computer that is unique to you, and you will never find another machine the same anywhere on the planet!

The Build Process

Free No Obligation Initial Consultation

We offer a free, no obligation consultation and quotation service, when you first contact us generally the first two questions we ask all of our potential customers are:

what do you want to use your computer for?
what is your budget for this particular computer build?

We can then advise you on the best way forward, the number of different computer configurations are virtually limitless; however we would certainly not be advising you to have the latest intel I7 8th generation gaming machine built, if you are only going to use it for surfing the web, email checking and writing your memoirs. The same works the other way round, we would absolutely not build you a £300 low spec computer and tell you it can play all the latest games just to get your custom.

We will work with you at every stage of the design phase, taking your budget, and the intended use of the computer into account, we even have our own in-house web based custom computer designer to help with the more straight forward designs, once we have a number of viable options we will provide you with a quote for each option, you can change hardware and specifications as many times as you want or need to until you are happy with the final design and quote.


Some Things to Think About

CPU: We have a CPU to suit all budgets and specifications. If you are looking for a reliable AMD budget CPU, there’s the AMD Ryzen series and if you are looking for top of the range AMD CPU’s, there is the AMD Thread Ripper. If you’re after an Intel CPU, we have the new 8th generation Intel i3, i5 and the Intel i7.

Computer Cases: You can choose from a massive selection of cases from budget up to seriously cool gaming cases.
On the practical side, you have to think about the size of your case, will it fit where you want it to go? From a technical stand point, budget cases can get noisy as they disperse heat through the PSU, while the better cases have more fans but they run quieter.

CPU Cooling: There is a wide range of extra CPU cooling options to suit everyone including air, liquid cooling and custom designed liquid cooling loops.

RAM: We have many different memory options, including DDR4, 2133, 2400,3000 and higher MHZ.
Make sure you choose enough memory for your PC, 4GB really isn’t enough these days unless you just check emails and surf the web. 8GB is better and seems to be the norm in ready built computers, but the ideal at the moment is 16GB or more. If you are a gamer, consider getting 16 or 32GB to future-proof your machine.

Graphics Card: We have many different options for your graphics card, stocking brands from Asus, EVGA, PALIT, Gigabyte, MSI and others for all NVIDIA and AMD based technologies. If you want to build a gaming PC, choose the best card you can afford.

Power supply: Choose a power supply that has an adequate power output for the system you are designing, obviously a 300 watt power supply is not going to power an 8th generation intel processor and motherboard, coupled to a GTX1080TI graphics card, for that we would recomend a minimum of 650watts to 850watts.

Hard drives: We have many different Hard drive options for your computer, for fast load times and heavy duty gaming (particularly flight simulators) go for the biggest Solid State Drive (SSD) you can afford, if your not so worried about load times, or use your computer for everyday chores a conventional mechanical drive will be fine.


Accepting The Quote

Once you are happy with the final design and specification of your custom PC, and have accepted the written quote we provide to you, we will require payment in full from you before we can proceed with your build; we accept the following payment methods:

BACS, Paypal, Cheque, Cash, Debit & Credit cards in person (chip & Pin).

If you wish to pay by Credit or Debit card online, we can generate a PayPal invoice for you and send it via email, similarly if you wish to use BACS we can supply banking details on request, if you pay by Cheque there will be a delay until funds have cleared due to banking clearance times.

Once payment has been made and the funds have cleared we proceed with your custom computer build, you will receive an email from our automated job management system at every stage of your build until completion, custom builds are normally completed and ready for collection / delivery in 5 - 7 working days.

All you have to do is sit back and let us do all the hard work for you.


The components

Once your payment funds have cleared we order all of the parts for your custom computer build from our reputable industry suppliers, usually the parts arrive at our premises in 24 hours or less from the time of order, the only exception to this is if a customer has requested specialist, or hard to come by components to be included in the build.

We do not carry stock on site, simply because the IT industry is a fast evolving and changing environment, and what everyone wants in their builds one week, may be out of favour the next week, also by ordering on demand we can get the latest component revisions at the latest and in most cases the best prices, by using this practice we are able to keep our prices down for our customers.

Once your components arrive at our premises they are un-packed and thoroughly checked for cosmetic / transit damage, and to make sure they meet our strict quality control standards.


The Build

Once all of the components have been thoroughly checked over we start building your custom computer.

Your custom computer is built in our dedicated static free workshop by our own highly skilled engineers who have many years of experience at the highest levels of PC construction, your computer is checked, and rechecked at every single stage of construction to ensure that the highest built quality possible is maintained.

Once our engineers are 100% happy with the competed build, your machine undergoes its initial first power up, and post boot test.


The Testing Stage

Once your computer has past the initial power up and post boot testing we move on to the main testing stage, it is given relentless testing and has to pass our stringent quality control checks, it will be optimised and set up by one of our highly skilled team so that it runs flawlessly.

How this is done will largely depend on whether you chose to have an operating system installed or not, If you opted for an operating system we will install it at this stage, along with all of your chosen hardware device drivers, once everything is installed your computer will be subjected to a 24 hour stress test, this will allow us to determine that all of the hardware in your computer is functioning correctly and that the cooling systems are performing as they should be under a wide range of operating conditions.

If you opted not to have an operating system included with your build, we boot your machine from an external pre-installed operating system, and run the stress test in the same manor, this has the advantage of leaving your included hard drive/s in pristine condition for you to do as you please, the only down side to this is that your hard drive/s are not included in the stress test unless you specifically authorize us to do so.

Only once your computer has 100% passed our stress testing procedure is it signed off and made ready for collection or delivery.


Delivery / Collection

Once your computer has been signed off and is ready for collection or delivery we will contact you to arrange the details, this can happen in several ways depending on the options you chose at the consultation stage.

Bronze Collection Service

If you are collecting your computer from our premises in person, we will ensure that your computer is on the bench and running when you arrive, this will give us the opportunity to familiarise you with all the included components, show you how to clean dust filters and point out any extra features your computer may have (Liquid Cooling, Fan / RGB Controllers etc). Once you are happy we pack your pc into the original case shipping carton for you to transport, along with any included documentation.

Silver Courier Shipping Service

Your pc Will be packed and sealed into the original case shipping carton, along with any included documentation for transport, we use reputable courier companies, which one we use, and cost will depend on your location within the United Kingdom, the couriers we use are not allowed to leave the items we ship with them in safe locations, or with neighbours, your computer can only be delivered to the address you specified at the time of purchase, and you must sign for it personally before it can be left with you.

Gold Delivery Service

This is our first class service, we personally deliver your computer to you, up to 200 miles from our premises, unpack it (taking any packaging away with us), we install it in situ for you, we power it up and give you any tutorials you require, we show you how to clean dust filters, and point out any extra features your computer may have (Liquid Cooling, Fan / RGB Controllers etc), we can also transplant old hardware (SSD drives, graphics cards etc) from old computers into the new build if required (Please note: we will not add hardware that is likely to adversely affect the performance of your new computer), where hardware is used from older computers such as SSD drives we can install your operating system on site providing you own, or have purchased a valid operating system serial key.

Please note if you are further than 200 miles from our location we are more than happy to negotiate the extra cost for the extra distance.


After Sales Care & Warranty

All of our new build custom computers come with a 1 year Tekhouse Guarantee (Customer transplanted components and used part / Retro builds are excluded), after the first 12 months parts warranties transfer to the component manufacturers.

When your computer reaches 12 months old we offer a free of charge annual service, this involves us removing certain hardware and completely de-dusting your computer components, dust filters, case etc. We also run a few software tests to ensure that your computer is running as it should be, if there are any issues that you wish to point out we can look at resolving them for you, you will receive an email or letter in the post inviting you to use this service if you wish, however you are under no obligation to do so.

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